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I am LOVING my Hydrate + Restore Rich Cream!!

I'm so thrilled with the changes I'm seeing in my skin after just a few weeks of using the Hydrate + Restore Rich Cream. My skin feels brighter and softer and I'm seeing fewer lines. The cream is super rich and luscious but does not feel heavy on the skin. I use it morning and night and am in love with it!

Seriously, SO good!

Gals - I’m not a skincare junkie. I’m a full time, work out of the home, 30 something, toddler mom that’s got shit to do. But in the effort of carving out a soothing self care bedtime routine (I hear it’s good for me), I indulged with this moisturizer. It’s heavy in a luxurious/substantial way, not in an overbearing/poor clogging way. It absorbs into my skin quickly and leaves my face feeling pampered and protected. Mostly, it reminds me to treat myself at the end of my long, jam packed, often exhausting days.

I want more

I couldn’t stop touching my face after putting this cream on for the first time. Great texture thats is rich but somehow very light leaves your skin feeling absolutely wonderful. I will definitely make this cream a part of my everyday skin care routine. Thank you EighteenB!

I'm Loving Eighteen B!

It is great at night and during the day. I’m finding it works especially well reducing puffy eyes and even on the over-the-eye wrinkles we older women have.

This stuff is amazing

You won’t be disappointed

The Most Amazing Thing

I just finished my first jar of the cream, and love it! I’ve been using it twice a day (morning and night) for about 6 weeks on my face and neck. The most amazing thing is that I can see and feel a difference in the elasticity of my skin. Plus it makes my face feel smooth and hydrated.


I love this product! I use this at bedtime with a vitamin C serum and vitamin E oil and it glides on perfectly and absorbs nicely. I was concerned at first that it was too light for my skin's hydration needs; however, it really works well! If the weather causes any extra dryness (a problem living in the desert), I just add another layer. It doesn't feel greasy or heavy. I started noticing improvements in my skin tone in less than a week and after a month, my fine lines are even diminishing! I'm so excited to see what else EighteenB comes out with in the future so that I can switch my whole regimen over! The quality and science behind this line make this product a no-brainer!


This product feels so amazing on my face! It’s so light yet hydrates fully. My make up goes over it great and it’s truly done wonders for me. I usually experience rashy and red skin but my skin is super clean and clear since I’ve started using this product.

The Real Deal

This is the first time I have used a cream where I have instantly felt and seen a difference. Honestly. As a 50-year old woman who has lived a rough and tumble life as an athlete in the outdoors, my skin has taken a beating for sure. Eighteen-B is not too heavy, yet extremely moisturizing and it made my skin feel instantly silky soft. This is my new go to. A product that I actually believe will restore my well-worn skin.

Awesome product for dry and sensitive skin!

I absolutely love the product. I naturally have very dry and sensitive skin but this product keeps my face moisturized without that heavy feeling many other lotions have. I will definitely be purchasing more once I run out and will be telling my friends about it

This cream is better than other creams.

I love this skin cream! It is thick and rich and I appreciate that there is no fragrance. I have been using the cream in the morning and at night. At night, I apply it over some retin-A cream and it is making my face look great. I live in Colorado so it is very dry here and this cream is very moisturizing and again, just very rich. I’m loving it.

I'm 48 and my skin has never looked better

For the last year I have been focusing on taking good care of my skin. After having acne for over 20 years, I didn't know what hydrated, glowing skin felt like, let alone looked like. That changed when I started using Eighteen B. I use it morning and night, and have been surprised by my results!

Better Than La Mer!

A little background: I am a power user of moisturizers. I have been generally obsessed with skin treatments since I was about 12 years old (when I likely did not need any). Back then, I regularly used salt scrubs (as in scrubbing my face with salt) and oatmeal face masks (oats + milk). At 53, I need a bit more than just that; and as an engineer, I appreciate science. I have very much enjoyed using the rich cream. The scent is non-existent (a good thing) and the consistency of the cream quite lovely. It spreads nicely, unlike La Mer (yes, yes, you need to warm it with your fingers but who the hell has time to do that; and it’s $300 (!); It should sing and dance for that much money). There seems to be an “elasticity” about the moisturizer that I hope results in additional elasticity on my skin.

Excellent product​

This is my new favorite moisturizer!​ ​​First, there's a ton of product. The dense composition is powerful​,​ and this 1.7 oz jar will go a long way. Second, the formula is beautifully balanced. The creme hydrates and tightens my skin. I've been using it twice a day during a busy period of travel, and it has kept my skin healthy despite long dry plane flights and the brisk Northeast winter. My skin looks dewy, hydrated, and youthful.

I can't get enough!

I use this as a nighttime moisturizer and I am really pleased with the product. It is a rich cream,that feels luxurious and hydrates my skin without feeling heavy and oily. I wake up in the morning and my skin looks great! I haven't woken up with my usual little break-outs either!

Great night cream

This product is thick, and smooth, but not at all greasy. It is perfect for hydrating around eyes and any other dry spots. I use it at night and my skin still feels fresh in the morning.

Real deal skincare!

I was lucky enough to get a trial size of this a few months ago. Unlike most of the trial size promos, I actually used this one. Then I was so sad when it ran out because I found that it actually worked! My new cream just arrived. And while the packaging and story are awesome, mainly I'm just relieved to have it back in my nightly rotation!

This. Stuff. Is. Amazing.

I had the chance to sample this product as part of the Straight From the Lab Program, and I was so pleasantly surprised. I don't normally use rich creams because they leave my skin feeling greasy, but this one is deeply hydrating, yet matte. I've been using it morning and night in the winter months, and my skin feels and looks amazing - rejuvenated, smooth, and glowing. Since I started using this, I've actually had people comment on how good my skin looks, it's that good!

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