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This is it, and I am not Turning Back!

As an African American woman who suffers from Lupus this product knocked me off my feet. My skin is very sensitive and super dry, not anymore. I use both products faithfully and the results are worth a review. My skin has a natural glow and it's extremely soft. I am never switching products, this is it for me.

I'm really happy with it and will continue to use it!

First, I was impressed by the packaging, I thought it was stylish but not "stuffy." The bottle is good size and the pump works great, and didn't get stuck or clog at all. I use two pumps to cover my face and neck. I LOVE that the product has virtually no scent. I was surprised at how easily it absorbs into the skin which is great, but you do have to move fast. The finish seems similar to a primer, which is makes it perfect for under make up and allowed me to skip that step. It's not sticky or oily, it just disappears. After about a month of use I did notice that it was drying out a few places on my face and I would need to add extra moisturizer to balance that out. Overall I'm really happy with it and will continue to use it, especially on my neck and chest.

best thing out there

I absolutely love my hydrogel. Prior to this, my skincare routine was nonexistent because no matter what moisturizer I tried, they were either too greasy, too heavy, or ineffective at moisturizing. This is the first product I've tried that I have continued to use because it's super easy to apply, absorbs quickly but most importantly I can feel a difference in my skin very quickly.

Great for my combination skin!

I love that it is light and unscented! I find some products irritating, or heavy-feeling, but I really like the hydrogel since it moisturizes without causing breakouts.

Love it!

I'm constantly trying new products, using them for a week or so and moving on to the next. I have used the Hydrogel moisturizer for a few weeks now and am loving it! It's the perfect amount of moisture for my combination skin and goes on light and smooth. I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Really happy with the results

I really enjoy trying new skin products and I have tried various types. The B-silk gel is so light that it is a perfect daytime moisturizer, I layer it over my daily serum. It makes my skin feel hydrated and makes my skin glow each morning. I love this product!


Love this gel moisturizer. It is light, And effective. Love the way it makes my face feel.

I'm Obsessed

I would highly recommend this product. I've been using the Hydrogel moisturizer every morning since I got my sample and I am loving it. I put it on right after my shower and it applies so gently and my face feels moisturized and firmer immediately. That feeling is basically locked in the whole day. I haven't had as many opportunities to use the Hydrate + Restore Rich cream but the few times I did before sleep, I woke up with my face feeling so incredibly refreshed. I am just obsessed with these two. Never going back.

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