Wow can't wait for later

I've only just begun using this via the starter set to try it out. It's only been 2 weeks but my skin feels great, looks great and I can't wait to see the long term results, if this is how I look after such a short time! Even with the constant change in weather between dry and humid, hot and cold (via travels), my skin has felt consistent and no freak outs. Looking forward to purchasing the full size soon!

Definitely worth it

I was a bit hesitant at first not noticing much change with the Revitalizing Hydrogel moisturizer. But after consulting with the customer experience team they put me at ease and suggested I try it for longer and if I was unhappy for any reason I could return it. Fast forward a week - my skin is hydrated, glowing, little bumps on my face started to disappear. Seriously I received so many compliments from friends and family. Definitely worth the price and happy to purchase from this cutting edge woman led company.

Love it!

The product is so light, soft, and hydrating. I love the way it feels on my skin. And I definitely see my skin is looking better!

Extremely refreshing moisturizer!

I started using the Revitalizing Hydrogel moisturizer after my skin had gone through a dry spell (very abnormal for my skin) and it immediately provided the replenishment that my skin needed to glow and clear up again. It feels light on the face and is very effective!

Best face moisturizer ever!

I love this revitalizing hydro gel. It feels totally natural on my face....not sticky or greasy or shiny like some others. It just sinks right in. Feels great.

Love it!

I love love love this Hydrogel! It's everything I didn't know I needed in a moisturizer and I can never not use this as part of my daily routine. Not only is the product amazing, but I love the tube it comes in. It's compact and easy to throw in your bag for a weekend getaway and the pump makes it so easy to use only the amount you want. Five stars all around!

Soothing through every season!

When I first started using the hydrogel, it was still winter skin weather, where my face would typically feel dry when I woke up. The hydrogel is like a thirst quencher, it feels like it belongs on my face! Now that it's summer, it has that same soothing effect on sun-kissed skin. I'm obsessed!

Love this!!

I love how silky this felt, it never left a greasy texture on my face. I highly recommend this, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Refreshing gel

I love this gel! It goes on very easily and smoothly under makeup. I love the pump packaging! I use two pumps every day.

Loved the product!

Yes, I recommend the product. I have dry/normal skin and after use, my skin is smoother and softer. great moisturizer

Too soon to tell results, but I'm not giving up!

I'm 74 and I have used other products previously for several years. I think it's too early to tell, so I will continue using Eighteen-B to see if there are benefits in a few weeks. Thanks for the opportunity!

Wonderful gel!

Hello! I received this gel as a gift from a friend who loves the brand. I would not usually try a new product that I am not familiar with. At first, I used the gel only once to ensure that it was right for my skin. I thought it was too light at first. The second time I used it was before I put my make up on. And although I thought it was too light before, it was perfect before my CC cream! I would recommend it for skin that is not very dry or if you wear make up daily. Thank you to my friend for the gift and recommendation! I will be buying this gel regularly.

this is my daily gel

I use two pumps in the morning. The packaging makes it very easy to pack for travel.

Great Day Cream!

This is a great day cream! I am in my early 40's so my oily skin is getting a little drier and showing signs of aging. This makes my skin feel soft and smooth without any greasy residue.

A new discovery for this 70 year old

My skin is hydrated again. I use it a night and again in the morning before applying tinted sunscreen. I love how smooth it makes my skin feel - and that it is NOT perfumed. Great product.

Wonderful product

Hydrate + Restore Rich Cream is a great new product. It feels light and does the job beautifully. My skin looks much better since I started using this product. I intend to purchase other products from this line.

New Product

Yes. Felt light on the face and absolved quickly.

I love the feel of it.

I love the non-greasy, light feel of the hydrating gel. Over time I see fewer wrinkles around the eyes. Skin feels healthy and hydrated.

Feels great on my skin

I have dry sensitive skin, and the EIGHTEEN-B gel moisturizer feels clean and fresh. After 2 weeks of use my skin looks moist, smooth and hydrated.

It's my aftershave fave

I am a guy and have been using this as an aftershave. I have never really found an aftershave I liked. This gel moisturizer is lightweight and makes my skin feel soft.

Perfect with foundation or sunscreen

I don't usually use a moisturizer in the morning-- putting something underneath my foundation makes my pores feel clogged and skin unbreathable. But Hydrogel feels completely weightless underneath nearly anything. I'm able to lock in moisture throughout the day and feel good wearing sunscreen, foundation, etc. Love this product! The fact that it's unscented is also another reason why I use it to start my day-- it blends right in if my other products have fragrances.

Perfect for my daytime moisturizer!

I have been searching high and low for a good daily moisturizer and I have found it! I have combo skin, dry cheeks and a super oily T-zone, and this gives me the right amount of hydration where it feels like it is doing something. My makeup didn't slide off either so that is impressive. I have been using this in the morning and the richer cream at night. I have noticed a difference in my skin - it looks brighter and there is a line on my forehead that has definitely faded. Make more products, please!

Finally! A day-time moisturizer that I look forward to in the morning!

I have very oily and acne-prone skin. Every moisturizer I have tried to date turned me into a grease ball or didn't provide enough hydration. The texture of this gel moisturizer is super unique. It goes on super smooth and leaves an amazing clean finish that I haven't experienced before. After 3 months of use, I am loving how healthy and even-toned my skin looks.

Better than water!

This gel is like a splash of cool water in the morning. I love the fresh, light feel! I live in the desert and put it on throughout the day.

End Game

Definitely recommend!!! After two weeks my skin feels BRAND new... especially firmness and skin tone!!! Across the board five stars!!! Thank you Eighteen B!!!

Excellent product

This hydrating gel absorbs great, does not cause my skin to break out or become oily at all. It has smoothed out my skin a lot and made my skin tone more even.

The BEST makeup primer

I am in love. This hydrogel moisturizer is so light yet effective- it really builds the most perfect base for makeup to seamlessly blend over. I also appreciate that it is cruelty-free, vegan, and has so many ingredients that are 'clean' according to EWG research. Going to have to stock up!

Love it

I have been using the gel for the past few months, and I am very happy with the results! I love how light it is, but provides the right amount of moisture for my skin. This product has quickly become a main staple in my daily skin routine.

For the price - the best!

I have used La Prairie and many others, having been in the cosmetics industry for years - I am very pleased with the results of the Eighteen-B product. Looking forward to trying the full line.

An amazing day cream

Used this every day for a few weeks and never had to re-apply over the course of the day, even in the driest days of winter. Instantly absorbs into skin, and a pea-size really is enough to cover the entire face. Would very much recommend this to anyone and everyone who wants to keep their skin nourished and oil-free on a daily basis!

Glow Up

I’ve been using Eighteen B's daytime moisturizer for a couple of months now and I love it! It has a great texture, spreads well, absorbs really well and (I think) I’ve seen some level of glow up since starting to use it. 😊 It almost acts as a serum/moisturizer combo. I’m planning to replace my current daytime moisturizer with Eighteen B, and I’m also curious to incorporate the nighttime cream in my routine as well to see how that product is.

This is it, and I am not Turning Back!

As an African American woman who suffers from Lupus this product knocked me off my feet. My skin is very sensitive and super dry, not anymore. I use both products faithfully and the results are worth a review. My skin has a natural glow and it's extremely soft. I am never switching products, this is it for me.

I'm really happy with it and will continue to use it!

First, I was impressed by the packaging, I thought it was stylish but not "stuffy." The bottle is good size and the pump works great, and didn't get stuck or clog at all. I use two pumps to cover my face and neck. I LOVE that the product has virtually no scent. I was surprised at how easily it absorbs into the skin which is great, but you do have to move fast. The finish seems similar to a primer, which is makes it perfect for under make up and allowed me to skip that step. It's not sticky or oily, it just disappears. After about a month of use I did notice that it was drying out a few places on my face and I would need to add extra moisturizer to balance that out. Overall I'm really happy with it and will continue to use it, especially on my neck and chest.

best thing out there

I absolutely love my hydrogel. Prior to this, my skincare routine was nonexistent because no matter what moisturizer I tried, they were either too greasy, too heavy, or ineffective at moisturizing. This is the first product I've tried that I have continued to use because it's super easy to apply, absorbs quickly but most importantly I can feel a difference in my skin very quickly.

Great for my combination skin!

I love that it is light and unscented! I find some products irritating, or heavy-feeling, but I really like the hydrogel since it moisturizes without causing breakouts.

Love it!

I'm constantly trying new products, using them for a week or so and moving on to the next. I have used the Hydrogel moisturizer for a few weeks now and am loving it! It's the perfect amount of moisture for my combination skin and goes on light and smooth. I would highly recommend it to anyone!

Really happy with the results

I really enjoy trying new skin products and I have tried various types. The B-silk gel is so light that it is a perfect daytime moisturizer, I layer it over my daily serum. It makes my skin feel hydrated and makes my skin glow each morning. I love this product!


Love this gel moisturizer. It is light, And effective. Love the way it makes my face feel.

I'm Obsessed

I would highly recommend this product. I've been using the Hydrogel moisturizer every morning since I got my sample and I am loving it. I put it on right after my shower and it applies so gently and my face feels moisturized and firmer immediately. That feeling is basically locked in the whole day. I haven't had as many opportunities to use the Hydrate + Restore Rich cream but the few times I did before sleep, I woke up with my face feeling so incredibly refreshed. I am just obsessed with these two. Never going back.

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