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At the Beta-testing Endeavors for Beauty Lab, aka the Beebe Lab, we have a need for speed because the world needs sustainable solutions now.

Being tied to normal product development cycles can slow things way down when it comes to bringing new materials to market. We seek to harness the power of never before seen materials and ingredients to rapidly deliver innovative skincare prototypes into the hands of passionate testers (you!). This allows us to gather key data while you and your skin reap the benefits from our formulas. A win-win!

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The Beebe Lab depends on engaged and discerning panelists who know a truly innovative product when they see (and feel) it. Your experience and feedback on the prototypes will drive decisions on bringing the product to market.

  • As a Beebe, you will:
  • Receive product prototypes in the mail
  • Here’s the fun part - you test them out in the comfort of your home
  • Give your feedback to receive prizes, free products and more!
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The Beebe Lab is grounded in harnessing the power of new material technologies to upgrade the beauty and personal care industry. All prototypes delivered by the Beebe Lab will be based on the unique properties of B-SILK™ PROTEIN and other new technologies to deliver healthy skin benefits and desirable formulation aesthetics.

All the ingredients in our prototypes will adhere to strict safety standards, which can be found here.