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My name is Lindsay Wray and Eighteen B is my dream come true.

I have been studying silk protein for over a decade, and as a materials scientist with a PhD in Biomedical Engineering, I knew its unique properties could offer a different approach to skincare. However, there wasn’t anything out there in the ingredient market to formulate with...so I made my own called B-SILK™ PROTEIN. My team of scientists and I patented a way to bioengineer spider silk protein using a fermentation process with inputs of yeast, water, sugar and salt - so simple yet so powerful.

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Eighteen B takes a new approach to skincare, using our proprietary ingredient. B-SILK™ PROTEIN works simply by shielding your skin from environmental aggressors and locking in hydration. This 1-2 punch defends, reinforces, and restores your skin’s barrier to a healthy state, which in turn reduces the appearance of fine lines, skin appears more firm, and skin texture is improved. You can learn more about B-SILK™ PROTEIN on our SCIENCE page where I get a little nerdy and walk through the evidence of how it works.

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Silk protein is ideal for skincare applications because it is highly biocompatible to your skin (also why it’s such a hot topic in Biomedical Engineering). Spider silk protein in particular is one of the toughest materials on earth because it has both tensile strength and elasticity (essentially the combined power of collagen + elastin). Moreover it’s soft, lustrous, lightweight, yet incredibly robust. When silk is used in skincare, your skin gains these benefits as well, becoming both strong and soft.


We are scientists at our core which means that science (research) and technology (innovation) drive everything we do. That’s why we call Eighteen B a #Skintech company. Our name, Eighteen B is the nickname we gave B-SILK™ PROTEIN while developing the ingredient. Heads up: the origin is a bit nerdy. B-SILK™ PROTEIN is made up of 18 repeating blocks of an amino acid sequence found in natural spider silk.

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We are proud to say that Eighteen B is an award-winning skintech company dedicated to formulating with clean ingredients and creating powerful products to support healthy skin and a healthy planet.

Here is what you can count on from Eighteen B products:


EWG Verified

Leaping Bunny Certified

Fragrance Free

Third Party Tested for Safety: skin irritation, sensitization, and toxicity potential

Not formulated with hazardous CMR* or endocrine disrupting chemicals

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*For more on this check out Lindsay’s blog post in The Lab.