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Eighteen B products are designed with your skin barrier in mind.

Healthy, glowing skin requires a healthy skin barrier

Your skin barrier is constantly at risk from environmental aggressors and harsh ingredients

A compromised skin barrier can lead to dryness, dullness, and irritation

Eighteen B products defend and replenish the skin barrier, so that your skin can maintain a healthy state and be firmer and smoother

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Hiding in plain sight, your skin barrier plays a vital role in skin health and frankly, the physical appearance of our skin (Learn more about skin barrier anatomy here). Why? Because it is a physical barrier to the external environment—think pollution and oxidative stress.

B-SILK™ PROTEIN works like an extension of your skin barrier creating a lightweight shield to defend your skin against environmental aggressors while locking in hydration and stabilizing active ingredients against your skin so they can work harder resulting in reduced fine lines, smoother texture and overall firmer skin.

We liken the barrier B-SILK™ PROTEIN creates on the skin to Wonder Woman's invisible jet. Super defensive, incredibly powerful, but you can barely tell it's there.

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By replenishing your skin's barrier function, B-SILK™ PROTEIN is clinically shown to improve skin's firmness and elasticity. Overall skin health improved as well as an improvement in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

We put B-SILK™ PROTEIN to the test via Clinical Trials with willing and eager humans. Based on expert grading evaluations:

  • 87%showed improvement in skin firmness
  • 82%showed improvement in skin elasticity
  • 85%showed reduced appearance of wrinkles
  • 97%showed improvement in overall skin health
  • 100%showed improvement in skin firmness
  • 100%showed improvement in skin elasticity
  • 100%showed reduced appearance of wrinkles
  • 100%showed improvement in overall skin health

As you can see, results will improve with continued (and regular) use


How do we know B-SILK™ PROTEIN reinforces your skin barrier and defends against pollution? We tested it.

Here we applied B-SILK™ PROTEIN to the skin, and you can see, even after 600 rubs, it is still visible. Looks like a pretty solid barrier.

B-SILK™ PROTEIN is clinically shown to improve your skin's defense against pollution by 100%. Below is what this looks like visually.


Eighteen B is the first to bioengineer a silk protein that is more complete in structure than the Hydrolyzed Silk from silkworm currently available.

We compared B-SILK PROTEIN™ to Hydrolyzed Silk from silkworm and the impact it has on mitigating the breakdown of collagen. What you see here is better collagen density attributable to B-SILK PROTEIN™.



We invented B-SILK™ PROTEIN, an extraordinary polypeptide designed to work with the biology of your body, as an extension of your skin barrier.

Peptides are beloved in performance skincare because they have been shown to support healthy collagen which is more important as we mature in age.

The term “peptide” refers to a molecule that is formed by stringing together a number of amino acids. “Poly” in our instance indicates there are many more amino acids in B-SILK™ PROTEIN. So what? All of this is to say that the protein is whole, not hydrolyzed, to act as a defensive barrier on the skin while also carrying skin nourishing ingredients and hydrators to the skin.

B-SILK™ PROTEIN comes in powder form and holds moisture easily, so it creates these awesomely defensive water pillows that you can almost feel on your skin. It's that soft.



B-SILK™ PROTEIN is also known as: “sr-Wasp Spider Polypeptide-1 Oligopeptide-178” (This is the nomenclature you will see in our ingredient lists)

While the name seems complex, the meaning is simple. Our B-SILK™ PROTEIN was modeled after the high performance silk that the “Wasp Spider” makes in nature. Why did we choose this spider silk? The Wasp Spider evolved to make a specialized silk, one that hits the sweet spot for being strong but also elastic, combining the powers of collagen and elastin into one...basically everything your skin needs to stay firm and healthy.