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Our Story

Eighteen B harnesses the power of silk – one of the strongest materials in the natural world – to reinforce the natural skin barrier.
After studying silk proteins for a decade, Lindsay Wray, PhD, realized she could use silk to create more effective skincare products. Lindsay and her team engineered our proprietary b-silk™ protein to mimic the properties of spider silk.
B-silk™ protein is lustrous, strong, and biocompatible. It forms a lightweight, breathable barrier that supports the natural skin barrier for skin that looks healthy, glowing, and silky smooth.

Scientifically Designed Skincare

Healthy, glowing skin requires a healthy skin barrier.
An unhealthy skin barrier can lead to dryness, dullness, and irritation. And yet, the skin barrier is constantly at risk from environmental aggressors and harsh ingredients.
B-silk™ protein acts as both a carrier and a barrier. It carries nourishing, hydrating ingredients to the skin and acts as a lightweight barrier that keeps them close.
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Scientifically designed. Scientifically tested.

By replenishing your skin’s barrier function, b-silk™ protein is clinically shown to improve texture, smoothness, and hydration for skin that looks firm, youthful, and healthy.
We worked with a third party lab and trained professional graders using professional grading tools like cutometers and corneometers to measure the impact of b-silk™ protein on skin and found the following.
+94% Experienced improvement in firmness (cutometer)
+91% Experienced improvement in skin elasticity (cutometer)
+91% Experienced enhanced skin texture and smoothness (expert grader)
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Better science.
Better skin.

As a team of scientists, we believe that better skin is possible through better science. We are constantly researching new ingredients and testing our formulations in pursuit of our goal: to change the skincare industry one ingredient at a time.
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